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I help patients with psychiatric & wellness services. Patients are experts regarding their care. So, I help them become those experts. Their voices should be heard in the course of their treatment and recovery. Therefore, I partner with patients in their healing to improve their quality of life. I help these improvements with medications and non-pharmacological activities (e.g. therapy).
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Dr. Nurse Carole®’s Philosophy

In particular, being an evidence-based clinician is of paramount importance. I approach this importance by providing exemplary care to my patients. By providing a nurturing and validating environment, patients will seek excellence (not perfection). Furthermore, this eradicates excuses as they become the greatest “person” they can be. The possibilities are endless. Then, when I see the results in my patients and I’m amazed.
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Dr. Nurse Carole® is now seeing patient via tele-psych in MO, IL, NM, AZ and IA.
Soon in MA, DC and MD.
If you are interested in services, please e-mail her at drnursecarole@gmail.com
or call her at 1-866-771-GRIP (4747).